Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ebay Feedback – Store Owner's Best Friend or Worst Enemy

As we all know, eBay feedback can do or interruption a business. It can be your best friend or your worst enemy. Having even less than a 98% feedback, can really discourage many people away from your business, so it would be best if you follow these processes in order to acquire the upper limit amount of customers

Building Up Your Feedback

It is of import to construct your feedback up as both a marketer and as a buyer. To easily construct up your feedback as a buyer, it is of import to make the following:

    • Buy inexpensive points that ship quickly, inexpensive digital merchandises would probably be your best bet

    • As soon as you have got the point as advertised, immediately go forth great feedback to the seller, then direct them an e-mail telling that you have left great feedback

    • If the marketer doesn't go forth you any feedback for a small while, be certain to kindly remind the marketer to go forth good feedback

    • When purchasing cheap digital products, be certain not to over make it, because eBay can see you as a "cheater" when edifice up your purchaser feedback. We urge 2-3 purchases a day.

Building up your feedback as a Seller:

When edifice up your feedback as a seller, it is highly of import that you sell quality items; and ship them as quickly as possible. During the post-bid process, be certain to compliment the winning bidder. Also do certain that you give out A+ client service. This includes:

    • Giving them the transportation trailing idea

    • Offering transportation coverage on their merchandise purchase

    • Communicating with the purchaser during the transportation process

    • Informing them of any delays

    • Leaving great feedback immediately after the purchaser go forths you great feedback

Building up your feedback as a marketer is not only of import to your credibility, but a feedback mark of at least 20 is a demand before you can begin your ain Ebay Store.

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