Friday, November 30, 2007

4 Important Tips To Find A Blog Theme To Make Money Online

I noticed there are 100s or even one thousands of blogs subjects online but I realized there are really tons of bloggers doing tons of incorrect things when choosing a subject for their blogs. So I decided to share some interiors of what you should look for when choosing a blog theme.

1. Use a blog subject with three columns

Why three columns? Because it will maximise the exposure of your readers positions on your blog. If you appraise or expression at the top blogs on the Internet almost 50% of them utilize 3 columns on their blogs just that you did not noticed it.

2. Use a subject that have got at least a declaration of 1024 x 768 on your monitoring device screen

Because of liquid crystal display getting cheaper nowadays and more than than people are getting more advanced computers, you should leverage on every space possible you have on their screens. To make that, take only subjects that have got at least 1024 x 768 declaration to acquire the upper limit range to your readers

3. Never utilize unusual colours on your blogs.

Never ever utilize subjects that are in black, violet or any dark colour themes. Why? It's hard for the user to read your textual matter when your subject are in dark colors. Instead, what you should be doing is usage subjects with visible visible visible light colours like white, light blue, light redness and so on.

4. Rich Person the pilotage barroom on the top of your blog

To guarantee a good user experience for your readers always seek to have got the pilotage on the top of your blog. This in tax return will instantly state your readers you have got got got much more than content to browsing on your website.

I trust if you realized you have a blog subject that doesn't have these stuffs, you would desire to see changing your subject now.

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