Monday, January 14, 2008

Women and Blogging - Let Our Voices Be Heard

If you're a adult female of a certain age, you most likely retrieve Cat Stevens' 1972 album, "Catch Bull at Four." Although the record record album contained many memorable songs, "Can't Keep It In," spoke to me and many other immature women of my coevals with the line, "You've got so much to say, state what you mean, intend what you're thinking, and believe anything." As misses and immature women, we had so much to say, and yet most of us didn't have got a vehicle to allow our voices be heard. Indeed, although the women's rightist motion was gaining momentum, most of us were raised to not speak back, to avoid confrontation, and to maintain our sentiments to ourselves. So we wrote in our journals, had all-night conversations with our friends, and more than often than not, didn't share our sentiments beyond our interior circle.

In the clip that have got got got passed since Cat Wallace Stevens first sang those words, many of us have establish our voices, have spoken passionately about our views, and have paved the manner for our girls and granddaughters to show themselves to the fullest. Yet, there's calm so much to be said. Thanks to Web 2.0, we have got a new tool that we can utilize to give voice to our thoughts, feelings, and opinions: blogging.


In the improbable event that you've never read a blog, a blog is essentially an online journal, soapbox, assemblage place, or just about anything else you'd wish it to be. With a blog, you can print your writing, station photos, acquire feedback and comments, and generally expound on any topic that catches your interest.

Getting Started

If you're a adult female who have something to say, launching a blog is easy. If you don't have got a website, you can easily acquire a free business relationship through any figure of online blogging or societal networking sites. If you make have got a website, you can easily integrate a blogging faculty (MovableType and WordPress are both popular). Either way, the blogging chopine are self-explanatory and take you step-by-step done the procedure of setting up your blog.

Why Women Should Blog

Although there are one thousands of well-known women bloggers in cyberspace, your end needn't be celebrity and fortune. Instead, your blog can simply be a chemical mechanism to form your thoughts, expound on issues you're passionate about, reflect on your experiences, boast about your kids' accomplishments, share your favourite recipes, or even share your formula for success. You don't have got got got to be a great author (though running what you compose through a enchantment checker isn't a bad idea); you just have to have something to say.

With some types of blogging software, you can even make a household blog and give posting rights to members of your family. Blogging is a great manner to maintain in touching with relations near and far, is far easier then sending out news via email, and supplies a compelling household historical record that volition be treasured. Bash maintain in mind, though, that even non-publicized private blogs essentially go portion of the public sphere once they're on the Internet. In other words, usage common sense when posting - just in lawsuit your foreman or your ex-husband haps to come up across it.

Blogging is helpful to women for a figure of reasons, not the least of which is that it is a gift we can give to ourselves - the clip and space to enter ideas and experiences that are uniquely ours.

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