Wednesday, February 20, 2008

RealRank & Izearanks - Another Blog Ranking System?

Internet understanding place based concern enterprisers and online money shapers working from place anywhere in the human race should cognize all about RealRank and IzeaRanks Dot Com by now. As substance of fact, RealRank was introduced by IzeaRanks for quiet some clip but it was only launched officially early this year.

In lawsuit you never heard about them, RealRank is a trade name new blog ranking tool that should compliment other online ranking tools such as as Alexa, Google Page Rank and Technorati. RealRank's conception is more than or less similar with other online ranking tools except that it weighs blogs 70% on day-to-day alone visitors, 20% by day-to-day active arriving golf course and 10% by day-to-day page views. RealRank looks good on paper but cipher is quiet certain about its effectivity and usability just yet. Hence, many people are still hesitating to seek out this new blog ranking tool on their blogs.

Today IZEARanks gave me the chance to compose an honorable reappraisal on their RealRank ranking system and I will seek my best to supply them and you folks out there with one. To be honest, I have got been using RealRank indirectly in one of my many blogs simply because I'm involved with PayPerPost. My RealRank rankings are updated day-to-day and so far it have been a wild roller coaster drive for me. There are modern modern times when I scored quiet high on RealRank possibly because of high traffic coming to my blog and there are times when my RealRank rankings simply sucks large time.

I'm calm in the procedure of learning to better my RealRank rankings and so far the best manner for me and also for other people to make that is by observing RealRank's Top 100 blogs list. If you are interested in using RealRank, I strongly urge you folks to larn from RealRank's Top 100 blogs. You can larn a batch simply by watching and observing such as top blogs.

I was disbelieving about RealRank at first but IzeaRanks Dot Com have assured bloggers that their new blog ranking system will offer better consequences that other online ranking tools. Personally, I believe RealRank makes have got potentialities in the long tally but I would experience better if RealRanks Dot Com come up up with its very ain hunt engine or directory which is comparable with Yokel or Google just to be safe. Only then bloggers would experience that it is worthwhile for them to utilize RealRank.

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