Thursday, March 13, 2008

Do Pictures Impact Blog Visitors? Our Site Shares Some Statistical Data

How of import is it for web sites, and blogs in particular, to utilize images relevant to their topical focus? well, I was looking at my visitant stats from Google Analytics this morning time and was amazed at what I saw.

From an grownup instruction position there are 4 different ways a human beingness learns... auditory, visually, brooding and active.

Although an individual may state they only larn in one of those 4 ways, they are wrong. Every individual larns to differing grades amongst those 4 ways, but they make larn in each of them. Every individual have their favourite manner that they are the most comfy in learning and retaining knowledge, but they make larn in all for ways.

Now, how makes this associate to blogs? Are bloggers really blogging to learn? Some. Some are blogging for entertainment. And, for amusement 1 could debate whether a individual is entertained by all 4 types of learning. No thought on that one. However, with the internet, for most blogs 'auditory' is thrown out the window as most land sites (like mine) make not have got sound to convey the web page's message. And, many folks on the cyberspace make not have got the talkers turned on when they are 'surfing'.

Like the individual who suddenly lost their sight, the other senses I am told springtime into action and go more than accute.

I am a large truster in ocular facet of the internet, including blogs; especially those that make not supply sound. But, I was astonish when I looked at my site's visitant statistics the other morning. The followers Numbers are relative and not the existent Numbers (a fella's got to have got some secrets, doesn't he? These are from the Content Overview country of Google Analytics and stand for the figure of page positions for the top 4 pages on our site:

11,000 - Home Page

9,000 - Tips With Pictures Class Page

1,500 - ecoENERGY Page

1,400 - Color / Coloring Material Coordination Article

1,300 - Kitchen Remodeling Part 8 Article

Wow! The Tips with Pictures Class page is #2 for Page positions with a 6 to 1 superior trial advantage over the 3rd topographic point page which is our unchanging ecoENERGY page. And the Tips With Pictures Class page is not that far behind the place page which logic states me is going to be the #1 page of any web site.

If nil ever would, this information from my ain land land site converts me that when one is being entertained, one want's the visuals. This Iodine would believe is especially so if the verbiage on a page is not in one's indigen language. A image does, as they say, paint a thousand words. So, for all you bloggers and blog publishing houses out there, take a expression at your ain land site and see if including images and photos that are relevant to your articles would be appropriate. It could be the single most of import thing you make to drive traffic to your site.

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