Monday, October 15, 2007

On-Line Banking Systems

Let me foreword my comments by saying I've been involved in the I.T. industry for over 30 old age now and have got seen a lot, particularly banking systems. In fact the Nipponese used our "PRIDE" methodological analyses to plan their up-to-the-minute coevals of banking systems which are considered state of the fine art and ahead of their American counterparts. With this said, I recently went to my depository financial institution to do a deposit. I cognize most of the Tellers there and bask a good human relationship with them. However, on this juncture there was a new Teller who dutifully processed my sedimentation and upon looking at my business relationship told me, "Mr. Bryce Iodine see you are not taking advantage of all of our on-line banking services. Bash you desire a pin figure or a debit entry card? How about direct sedimentation and on-line payment of bills?"

I politely declined the offering and said, "No, that won't be necessary."

She kept pressing the issue and said, "Don't you desire to cognize what your up-to-the-minute balance is?" Iodine told her I shouldn't have got a depository financial institution business relationship if I didn't cognize what was in it.

This got me thinking about our on-line banking systems and how people interact with them. I've been authorship bank checks and reconciliation a bank check book manually for about 37 old age now. Iodine don't happen it complicated and actually bask reconciliation my depository financial institution check book; it's good mental gymnastics for me. I particularly like it when I happen a bank error. My children though are different and take full advantage of on-line banking systems. They can't be bored with reconciliation a depository financial institution account, they like direct deposit, and often utilize their debit entry cards. I think to each their own.

Somehow I've always had a job with allowing others to electronically tap into my depository financial institution business relationship and have got resisted it for years. I cognize they have got got some very good security measurements over such as transactions, but I still have an uneasy feeling about allowing others to directly tap into my account. Call me old fashioned.

Actually, I don't happen banking to be very complicated. I probably compose 10-15 bank checks a calendar month and do a couple of deposits. To me, writing a bank check and updating my registry doesn't necessitate a rocket scientist. True, I have got to use postage stamp to pay my measures by mail, but I see this as a very nominal charge. I also have got to see my depository financial institution to make a deposit, but I happen this to be a pleasant distraction from my work.

I'm sure these on-line banking systems supply some convenient services, but I don't believe in alteration just for the interest of change. If this is how I like to operate, what's wrong with that?

I retrieve old age ago when my grandfather passed away in Buffalo, New York, we went up to assist my grandma tidy up his affairs. My father was rooting around in the cellar and establish a little box containing quite a sum of money of money. My Dad confronted his female parent with it and said, "Mom, why are you keeping such as a big batch of hard cash laying around?"

"Well Sonny," she explained, "Don't bury the Banks failed one clip (a mention to the Great Depression), and they can neglect again."

I think I experience somewhat the same manner and basically don't trust on-line banking systems. Even though I've been bosom with banking systems for a long time, I'll probably be the last individual to do usage of them. Don't bury I'll probably also be the last cat to purchase a cell telephone as well.

Yea, I cognize what you're saying, "This cat is out of measure with the times."

Maybe, but I also cognize what's in my depository financial institution business relationship and cognize how to pay my measures on time. Like I said, phone call me "old fashioned."

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