Friday, December 7, 2007

6 Ways To Load Your Blog Faster!

As a computer programmer myself, sometimes I can really Eccentric in adding more than material on my blog until the blog tons ace slow! So I have got recently done many new alterations to my blog the past 3 days. If you have got got reading my blog for sometimes you will noticed the blog now tons faster then before.

Why Fast Load is Important?

On the Internet and Blogsphere you will only have 4 secs to cogent evidence that your blog have really good content so if your page tons really slow make you believe the spectator will remain on your blog? The reply is obviously NO.

Getting your content right in presence of your viewing audience is very of import as it will catch their attending on things you loading on your blog.

6 Pointers to Load Your Blog Faster

1. Reduce all your blog mental images to register size 60% declaration quality, each mental image should not larger then 20 to 50k size. Note the more than mental images you have got on your blog the longer it takes to load.

2. Reduce the figure of station to expose on your chief page, I just cut down mine from 10 to 5 and I felt a major different in velocity burden on my blog.

3. Travel all your trailing books to your footer.php area, those books should be the last thing you desire to lade on your blog so that it will halt the burden of mental images on your blog.

4. Travel all sidebar appliances like mybloglog to the end of your sidebar so that burden of your sidebar will run smooth.

5. Increase fount size of your blog to let easy viewing, I have got recently increase the organic structure fount from 12 to size 14.

6. Increase Title textual matter to larger fount to pull attending with a h1 tag on the title

That's about it, you should noticed your blog burden much faster after you did these changes.

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