Saturday, March 29, 2008

Top E-Mail Scams Reported By The Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

Have you looked in your in-box lately? I am certain that you have got at least one "scam" e-mail sitting in there. In this article, I will cover 6 scams/schemes that you may run across while reading your e-mails, and what you should make with them.

The first 1 is known as "Bulk Email". This offerings one thousands of electronic mail addresses, all of whom are dying to have your selling message. What to look out for: "Bulk Electronic Mail Works! 10,000 computer addresses for $9.99." What to make with it? DELETE IT!

The 2nd 1 on my listing are "Chain Letters". You are supposed to direct $5 to the adjacent name on the listing then traverse the underside name off the list, replace it with your own, then forward the missive to 500 of your nighest and beloved friends. What to look out for: A jailhouse cell. This is a pyramid strategy and is illegal. What to make with it? DELETE IT!

The 3rd 1 is known as "Envelope Stuffing". Bash you really believe you're going to be paid for stuffing envelopes? Ha! Think again. You acquire a kit that you can turn around to enroll others to an envelope stuffing cozenage of your very own! Watch out for trade assembly work as well. You'll probably happen all of your difficult work is not up to their "quality standards", therefore, you won't acquire paid for any of your work. What to make with it? DELETE IT!

The 4th 1 is related to "Health and Diet". Magic pills that do you eat less so you loose weight sounds great! Right? Come on people! We all cognize that to effectively loose weight, we must supervise what we eat and exercising daily. So, what to make with this one? You got it! DELETE IT!

The 5th e-mail cozenage is the "Effortless Income" e-mail(s). There is no such as thing as making an income with no effort. If it were that easy, EVERYONE would be doing it! What to make with it? DELETE IT!

The 6th 1 is titled "Free Goods". You are told you will acquire a free computing machine if you pay a fee to fall in a certain club. Later on you are told you must enroll other members to acquire your "free" computer. Save your money and purchase yourself a computer. What to make with this one? DELETE IT!

I trust I have got given you some cognition about these e-mails and what to make with them. Please short letter that there are many more than e-mail cozenages out there (I just touched on 6) to be cautious of.

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