Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Webmasters Get Paid For Every Visitor - No Clicks Necessary!

A radical new advertisement programme is poised to take the cyberspace by storm! The publishing houses involved with the new NetAudioAds, Pay-Per-Play (PPP) advertisement programme have got been patiently waiting for the concluding BPA audited account consequences to be released. BPA Worldwide is an advertisement auditing company that volition see that advertizers are getting exactly what they pay for and make not pay for any advertisements that were not delivered to their targeted audience.

The original axial rotation out was to be in February, but there were technical jobs with the statistics reporting software, and the BPA audited account is taking a batch longer than originally anticipated. To be fair, they've added new characteristics to the reporting, had to cover with a batch larger ball of information than they originally anticipated, and came up with a new advertisement bringing method, the "Key2page" concept. When a Key2page advertisement is played, the advertisement stops with the hearer being told to press a peculiar key to take them directly to the advertiser's web page.

The new Key2page characteristic was actually requested by advertizers and promises to be HOT! It is opt-in for the webmasters, so they don't have got to play key2page advertisements on their land sites if they don't desire to. If the hearer fourth estates the cardinal and travels to the advertiser's website, the publishing house will acquire paid above and beyond the amount he was paid for playing the audio ad.

For the publishing house (website owner) the advertisements are great because they take up no room on the page, gain money for every visitor, and the visitant doesn't even go forth your page. It bes you nil to fall in so there is no risk, and you can gain more than than money by simply signing up more publishers, in which lawsuit you have a part of the advertisement buy.

For the advertizer the advertisements are great because they are targeted in ways no other advertisements are able to duplicate. The advertisements can be targeted by matching the content of the webpage playing the ad, as is done with adsense ads, they can be targeted by clip of day, and they can be targeted by geographical location of the listener. Any combination is available.

And unlike television and radio, the hearer is sitting at the computer; mouse in hand, ready to take action. With television the hearer could be in the bathroom, or in the kitchen getting a snack, or any of a figure of other things that would do them to lose the ad. It's difficult to react to a radiocommunication advertisement while drive down the main road at 55 mph.

NetAudioAds have retained the well-thought-of BPA Worldwide to scrutinize the ads, something no other cyberspace advertisement programme does. That is BIG! NetAudioAds is the lone online advertisement medium that is verified by an "independent" and indifferent 3rd party. (BPA)

As of the end of April, the PPP publishing house web stand ups at approximately 40,000 web land land site publishing houses with stopping point to 1,000,000 web site spheres and more than than 30,000,000 web pages with NetAudioAds JavaScript code. For the clip being, with all this monolithic capability, only a bantam part of the publishing house web is being served with ads. Currently about 200,000 advertisements a twenty-four hours are being played, while concluding debugging and fine-tuning of the system take place.

Some advertisements are being sold and delivered and some publishing houses have got been receiving committees for respective weeks, but with lone 200,000 advertisements per twenty-four hours being played; only a bantam per centum of publishing houses will do any money. After the BPA audited account is released, and things are brought up to full accelerator that volition rapidly change. I believe "full throttle" may only be a few years away.

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