Friday, December 1, 2006

Hey Squeaky, What The Hell?!?!?

I know, I know... I have neglected Squeaky's World as of late and that is not good (Damn election had me hooked!). This site was promised to be a home for free speech... Ok MY free speech, but more important, a place for us all to rant, comment and talk about al things not political.

EVIL MONKEY IS MAD AT YOU!Also I need to return to a place where people understand that I am not here to kiss anyone's ass. Unlike so many bloggers around here, I am not trying to run for office, get a job working in politics, start some political group or be in charge of something to boost my ego. Also I am not going to adhere to some mysterious, non-existant, unspoken blog rule that says everyone has to be nice to everyone all of the time.

What I have noticed is that if you are a Liberal, then you can talk all of the shit you want, but if a Conservative does, even a little, people are appalled and put on this fake, holier-than-thou crap attitude.

Anyway, the point is, please check back here often. I will be writing a lot more regularly. You may not like it, you may love it, but you should read it!

I will make you a deal: I will update this place a lot more if you promise not to be too easily offended!